Social Media Checklist


Social media is now, more than ever, a means of connecting small businesses with their customers. Think about it: Right now, your current and potential customers are online looking for small businesses to spend their money with. They’re visiting Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to find great content, and reading and writing reviews on sites like Yelp, Google, and TripAdvisor. What are they looking for? Consumers are looking for businesses with an authentic, engaging online presence — social media that shows off their unique offerings and review sites that have personalized, thoughtful review responses. Being social media savvy means using these platforms effectively to reach new and loyal customers and spread the word about your business. When used well, these platforms can help small businesses:

• Build brand awareness
• Increase reach and visibility with potential customers
• Strengthen relationships with loyal fans
• Stand out among the competition
• Drive more revenue

1. Engage With Customers on Social Media

Interact with your audience on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to start conversations, increase engagement, and get more customers.

2. Use Social Media to Extend Your Customer Service Online

Posting on social media is not enough. Consumers these days have come to expect quick and effective responses to their comments, questions, concerns, tweets, and wall posts — be responsive to extend your customer service online.

3. Manage Your Business’ Online Reputation

Respond to reviews and maintain your pages on Facebook, Yelp, Google, and TripAdvisor to
protect your reputation to keep your legacy intact.

4. Use Paid Media to Increase Your Exposure

Reach new audiences and engage with customers by mixing in boosted content to your marketing strategy to get more eyes on your Facebook page.

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