Our Best Friends Rescue Fall Spotlight



At Island Web Solutions, we are inspired every day by our clients’ business ideas and how they embrace the American dream by taking chances and creating businesses that they love, which in turn, impact the world.

Therefore, we feel moved to spotlight each quarter a business or organization that we find particularly inspirational and/or innovational.

We believe that by highlighting a particular business or organization, we all can ignite a spark that will fuel the fire for others who are considering starting up their own businesses, using their unique gifts and talents.

This Fall, we want to highlight Pattie Lazarus and her non-profit, Our Best Friends Rescue. Our Best Friends Rescue is constantly doing everything they can to save the lives of the dogs that no one else seems to want anything to do with. Many of the dogs she takes on are on their last leg, literally. From puppy mills to abusive homes, Our Best Friends Rescue is on a mission to save lives.

The rescue steps up to the plate to get these dogs out of their dire situations and gets them the professional veterinary care and human love that they desperately need. Our Best Friends Rescue works hard to get these less than lucky pups ready to be adopted by a proper loving family who is willing to give them the life that they deserve.

Our Best Friends Rescue finds loving foster homes for their dogs as they work very hard to vet through adoptions. They treat each dog as a family member and take the adoption process very seriously. These dogs have been through enough hardship so they want to ensure that the family they choose to adopt them will be their “furever home”.

Our Best Friends Rescue holds annual fundraisers to help with the costs of treating dogs in need. They have recently been featured on News 12 Long Island with their pups. We are so honored to work with Our Best Friends Rescue and are grateful for the opportunity to do our part.

To stay in touch with Our Best Friends Rescue and to learn more about what you can do to help, you can subscribe to their newsletter at this link.

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